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    MyUs Shipito Bongo
Registration Fee   $10 - $35 $10 - $35 Up to $5
Membership Fee   Up to $25/month Up to $25/month Up to $15/month
Consolidation of Packages Fee   Free Free $5 per received
Modification for Declared Value
of products
Sales Tax   Up to 7% Up to 7% Up to 6%
Buy for Me / Concierge Fee
(% of value)
  3% - 10% 3% - 10% 10% of order value
Product Images   $2/image $2/image $2/image
Duration of Free Storage   5-30 days 90 days 21 days
Insurance   Free up to $100 Free up to $100 2% of the
order value
International Shipping Carriers   FedEx, UPS, DHL FedEx, UPS, DHL Undisclosed

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    MyUs Shipito Bongo
Canada   $34.30 $43.23 $41.35
UK   $44.64 $45.45 $54.11
Germany   $44.64 $45.45 $54.11
France   $44.64 $45.45 $54.11
Brazil   $58.28 $63.79 $65.92
Japan   $47.45 $32.92 $57.51
Australia   $51.15 $41.63 $60.76
China   $45.08 $38.64 $54.64
New Zealand   $51.66 $56.91 $62.61
Singapore   $47.17 $32.92 $57.17